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I use Nexus Notes as skeletons for my own notes. This method is far easier than working off textbooks and really helps me with my law exams which aren't getting any easier.

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About these notes

1. Components of the Criminal Justice System
o Fairness: balance between preventing crime and individuals rights
o Judge’s decision: admission of evidence, discretions
Courts Exercising Criminal Jurisdiction
o Jurisdiction: Victorian, Commonwealth
o Indictable and summary offences
o Overview of Courts
2. Commencement of Criminal proceedings
o Arrest: powers, elements, with/without warrants
o Entry onto land to arrest and search of premises
o Unlawful arrest: rights, elements
o Charge
3. Search and Seizure
o Search consequent to a lawful arrest
o Strip searches
o Search of premises and seizure of evidence without warrant
o Search warrants
Police Questioning
o Custody or not
o Protections given to person in custody
o Pre-trial right to silence
o Confessional evidence
o Fairness discretion (s85, 90)
o Public Policy discretion (s138)
o Christie discretion (s137)

4. Identification evidence
o Dangers and duty to warn
o Identification parades (s114)
o Photo identification (s115)
5. Forensic Procedures and Fingerprinting
o Forensic procedures (s464)
o Admissibility of sample evidence
o Fingerprinting: State offences
o Commonwealth offences: fingerprints and bodily samples (s3ZJ)
6. Bail
o When may bail be granted (s4)
o Who may grant bail: police, bail justice, Magistrate, Judge
o Presumption in favour of bail: exceptional circumstances, show cause
o Bail hearing (s8)
o Bail conditions (s5)
o Deposits (s5(5), (6)), sureties (s5(7), 9)
7. Trial of Indictable Offences
o Roles of parties
o Indictment, time limits, venue
o Pre-trial disclosure
o Jury empanelled
o Evidence
o Charge by Judge to jury
8. The Machinery of Prosecutions
o Role of DPP, Crown Prosecutor
o Private prosecutions
o Guidelines
o Discontinuance
o Plea/Charge negotiations
9. The Trial Process and Defence Pleadings
o Plea of guilty and not guilty
o Double jeopardy (chapter 7A)
10. The Jury System
o Eligibility: disqualified, ineligible, excused
o Challenges to jury
o Sanctity/Secrecy of the jury room (s77, 78)

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