How it works

Step 1

It’s easy to add your valuable notes. Just contribute through our simple form for authors.

Step 2

We look over your notes and then approve them for sale to help other students.

Step 3

Your notes are now a valuable learning resource that other students can purchase for $35 per set.

Step 4

Each time your notes are downloaded, you earn a 50% commission that can also be donated to charity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I upload now?

To maximise sales. We can’t sell your notes if they are rotting on your hard drive. Your notes are available for purchase the instant they are approved, which means that you could be missing potential sales as we speak. Despite exam and holiday breaks, our users purchase notes all year round, so the best time to upload notes is always today.

What notes can I sell?

You can sell any notes, templates or course guides that you have produced throughout your studies.

What can't I sell?

Nexus Notes won't approve materials that have been created by your university or another third party. We also do not accept assignments, essays, practicals or take-home exams. We love notes though.

How does the commission structure work?

Each time one of your notes sell, Nexus Notes takes a 50% commission. We do reserve the right to discount notes (for example, when downloaders use promo codes or share their purchases through social media), however, even in this situation you still receive your 50% commission.

What does 'verification' mean?

In addition to the notes, we also encourage students to upload a copy of their academic transcript. This can be a screenshot from your university's online portal or a scanned image. If your transcript matches the grade you claimed for that subject we ‘verify’ your notes, and a blue verification shield will appear next to your notes. You need either a High Distinction or Distinction for the subject the notes relate to. In instances where the quality is high, we still approve unverified notes for sale, however, they will not receive the blue verification shield.

I've got great notes with bad grades, can I still upload?

Yes, so long as they are exceptionally high quality. However, the notes will not receive the blue verification shield.

Isn't it plagiarism?

No. Universities do not mark notes, they mark assignments, essays, exams and practicals. We only sell notes, which are learning materials and cannot be submitted for assessment purposes For any other legal queries, please refer to our Terms & Conditions kindly prepared by King & Wood Mallesons.

How long does it take to upload?

Uploading notes is quick and easy. It can take as little as 90 seconds per set of notes. Put it this way, in the time it took to read these FAQs, you could’ve uploaded several sets of notes.

Who would want to buy my notes?

Our users buy notes for a number of reasons. Most of our downloaders either have little time to prepare for exams, don't have their own contacts with great notes or are keen to see whether they have missed anything in their preparation. They may even just want to see how a top student formats their own notes. There is no shortage of demand for good quality notes.

I usually give my notes out to friends for free, should I still upload?

That’s up to you - every person you give your notes is someone that won’t buy them. Whilst we don’t encourage it, even if you give your notes out to your friends hopefully your notes should still sell to other people.

How do I get paid?

We pay commissions at the beginning of each month on ‘PAYDAY’. All payments are made through PayPal, meaning that you do need to have an active PayPal account (linked to an active bank account). Make sure your PayPal email is entered correctly in the Profile section of your Dashboard.