If you can make it here you can make it anywhere. That’s why we’ve headed to the Empire State to bring you the world’s best online marketplace for premium student notes.

Nexus Notes believes the best students make great teachers.

We are an online marketplace for student notes, but not just any notes. We only allow the best notes for sale and we sell them all for a one-off price of only $35 per set for a whole course (not per class).

We’re not talking schlock scraps of paper here. We are all about quality.

Subscription sites can be confusing, full of useless notes, and irrelevant in your summer holidays. Shared Google Docs can be helpful, but often they are unreliable and miss the key points.

That’s why we are different, we sell quality notes from the best students covering your whole course.

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Check out the great content already for sale for NYU. Make sure to use the filters at the top to find your relevant area.

We're also looking for a few outgoing NYU students to join us in promoting Nexus Notes on the NYU campus. If you're interested in devoting a couple of hours a week to working with an exciting start-up then, maybe you should be our next NYU Intern.

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