Contract Law Week 1 Notes

These printable pdf skeletons/diagrams are summaries of the topics covered in the semester 1 business law final exam semester 1 2017. These include: AGENCY PARTNERSHIPS REAL PROPERTY PERSONAL PROPERTY It…

A comprehensive set of Dispute Resolution and Ethics notes. The notes are formatted in a process, to allow for easy application in the exam. Case summaries, with facts and ratios,…

These notes were extremely helpful in my exam. I ended up getting HD (90%) in exam as well as overall.

Detailed exam notes with all relevant legislation, rules and cases under the various sections.

Exam Hypothetical Notes and 3 Practice Essays

Completed ETM1 in Semester 1, 2017. Achieved High Distinction for every assessment.

Complete notes of every topic covered in class and every reading assigned to the class for intro to macroeconomics. Every lecture was attended.

I used this consolidated notes in my end of semester open book exam and I got an HD. It helped me answer the exam questions quickly and correctly as it…