Every lecture of my Introduction to Film class sorted into topics ranging from the history of cinema, framing and camera strategies, the jobs and workings of the film industry, and…

A comprehensive outline of the DRE course, including full references to the Supreme Court Rules. Perfect for an exam or light weekend reading!

A step-by-step breakdown of the private international law process, including jurisdiction, choice of law, arbitration, family law, insolvency and more!

Complete set of Criminal Law notes for an exam. Includes problem questions responses and topic summaries for all topics.

A comprehensive set of exam notes! Each topic includes a short summary outline, a more detailed explanation of the concepts and a summary of the major cases. It also comes…

Complete set of exam notes including case summaries, problem question structure and grounds of review. Does not include merits review.

Recorded the lecture and wrote word-for-word. Hard class but my notes got me an A.

Neatly typed notes for second-year econometrics at UCL (also useful for other universities) for everything you need to know. Also contains useful hints and tips for exam questions. Use this…

Completed in 2018. Achieved 80%