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This is a fantastic service to use for comparison of notes, compilation of notes or even just in an emergency. There are high quality and varied notes for all the subjects you need.

Daniel Markos

Daniel Markos Bond University

I use Nexus Notes as skeletons for my own notes. This method is far easier than working off textbooks and really helps me with my law exams which aren't getting any easier.

Tommy Hendrick

Tommy Hendrick University of Sydney

I have used Nexus Notes since the site launched and I’m now achieving way more Ds and HDs instead of Ps.

Nick Cundy

Nick Cundy University of Adelaide

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About these notes

1. Damages
o Compensatory
• Economic (pecuniary)
• Non-economic (non-pecuniary)
o Aggravated
o Exemplary/punitive

5. Duty of Care
o Reasonably foreseeable?
o Established relationship
o Salient features

6. Breach of Duty
o Section 48(1) Wrongs Act
• Was the risk foreseeable?
• Was the risk not insignificant?
• Would a reasonable person have taken precautions?
o ‘Calculus of negligence’ (section 48(2) Wrongs Act)
• Probability of the harm occurring
• Likely seriousness of the harm
• Burden of taking precautions
• Social utility
o Section 49 Wrongs Act

7. Causation
o Section 51 Wrongs Act
• Factual causation: ‘but for’
• Legal causation: scope of liability

8. Remoteness
o Was the injury reasonably foreseeable?
o Or too far-fetched and fanciful?

9. Omissions
o Public authorities
Psychiatric harm
o ‘Pure’ or ‘consequential’

10. Defences
o Contributory negligence (section 62 Wrongs Act)
o Voluntary assumption of risk (section 54 Wrongs Act)
o Obvious risk → Topic 6 (section 53 Wrongs Act)
o Limitation periods

11. Private nuisance

12. Breach of Statutory duty

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