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  • UniversityMonash University
  • AreaLaw
  • CourseTax Law LAW4704
  • Course CodeLAW4704
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  • Authorbrandon22
  • Created2016
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  • Approved20 October 2017

This is a fantastic service to use for comparison of notes, compilation of notes or even just in an emergency. There are high quality and varied notes for all the subjects you need.

Daniel Markos

Daniel Markos Bond University

I use Nexus Notes as skeletons for my own notes. This method is far easier than working off textbooks and really helps me with my law exams which aren't getting any easier.

Tommy Hendrick

Tommy Hendrick University of Sydney

I have used Nexus Notes since the site launched and I’m now achieving way more Ds and HDs instead of Ps.

Nick Cundy

Nick Cundy University of Adelaide

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About these notes

I completed Taxation Law in 2016, Semester 2. I achieved the a distinction grade of 78, and base my result largely on the set of notes I made prior to the exam. The notes were made from a combination of lecture notes, past students HD notes, the textbook, and were constantly edited and refined throughout the exam period as I wrote many past exams – this allowed me to carefully curate template answers and sentences which were used in the open book exam.


These are complete and clear course summary notes for Taxation Law at Monash University. The course code is LAW4704.


The major topics covered in these notes include:

  • Purchasing An Asset (In General)
  • Purchase Trading Stock
  • Interest Repayments
  • Payment Of Wages
  • Penalty
  • Damages
  • Purchase Shares (Mere Investor)
  • Purchase Shares (Share Trader)
  • Borrowing To Purchase A Business
  • Receives Money/Sells An Asset
  • Interest Revenue
  • Rental Income
  • Sale Of Depreciating (Business) Asset
  • Sale Of CGT Asset (Business Asset)
  • Sale Of CGT Asset (Personal Asset)
  • Sale Of Trading Stock
  • Sale Of Shares (Mere Investor)
  • Sale Of Shares (Share Trader)
  • Sale Of Business
  • Receives A Dividend
  • Capital Reduction
  • Superannuation
  • Tax Rates


About the author: After scoring an ATAR of 99.35, this author started a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Commerce degree at Monash University. This author has worked at major law firms such as Herbert Smith Freehills as well as Big4 Consulting Firm PWC (Price Water house Coopers). This is one of our best students and Nexus Notes highly recommends the materials written by this author.


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