Student Promoter – Newcastle University

Nexus Notes is an online marketplace for university students to trade their notes. The company is looking for a well-connected, outgoing student from Newcastle University to promote the business part-time on your campus.

About the job

  • You’ll be tasked with finding and then convincing the best students at your university to upload their notes to the site for sale.
  • You receive a $15 commission for every set of notes uploaded linked to your promo code.
  • Organise specific on-campus activations.
  • Spread the word about Nexus Notes by creating simple social media content.
  • Seek out and foster strategic partnerships with student websites, societies, unions, clubs, and universities.

What you need

  • Hustle – Nexus Notes is a lean start-up. You are an outgoing, well-connected people person who has the ‘gift of the gab’ when it comes to communicating and selling. You are excited to help build something you can be proud of. Knock-backs and failure only strengthen your resolve.
  • Problem solving – Hurdles to success are inevitable. You will possess the lateral thinking required to continually engage and grow our user base. You will always challenge the way things are done both inside and outside our business.
  • Creativity – Our target market, students, demands engaging, relevant and clever content regularly. You will be able to write exceptional content all the while generating unique but practical marketing ideas.
  • Responsibility – We are an online business made up of a network of part-time workers. You will have clearly defined goals and access to tools and support to assist you in achieving those goals, but must be able to execute on your own. You are a self-starter, can grasp concepts quickly, and are able to communicate and work well in an uncertain environment.


  • Ground floor opportunity: shape the direction of the company from an early stage.
  • You will have the opportunity to grow with the company moving from promoter to Student Brand Manager & beyond.
  • Make a difference: we’re connecting the best students with those who are trying to be better.

These are early days. Come join us. Apply for this position by filling out THIS FORM now. We’ll then respond with some creative exercises within 48 hours. If we like your style – we’ll then catch up! If you have any questions, please direct them to