General Manager – Nexus Notes

About Nexus Notes

Nexus Notes is an online marketplace for university students to trade their notes.

At Nexus Notes, we know that the best students make great teachers. We pioneered the trade of peer-to-peer educational materials and we strongly believe that the most efficient way to learn is by stepping in the footprints of those who have learned before you.

Unlocking this value produces great outcomes for all of our users; authors create lucrative income streams and students gain access to high-quality content that they learn from to improve their grades.

From our humble beginnings in Adelaide, we now connect students from universities across Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

For further information, interested candidates will be provided with additional materials which provide an overview of Nexus Notes’ business operations, financial performance and strategy.

Student promoters and our core team on campus in Queensland

Seeking applications for a General Manager

Nexus Notes is seeking a General Manager (GM) to take over the overall executive management responsibility for the business.

The GM will have overall responsibility for the leadership, strategy and management direction and business results of the company. The incoming GM will work closely with the existing team to understand the business opportunities and challenges, and to ensure that the company establishes appropriate goals, and manages its resources to meet these goals.

For the right candidate, there is an opportunity for equity ownership in the business.

In addition, the existing shareholder group will support the incoming GM in raising external capital as required to support the recruitment of additional staff and ongoing growth of the business.

The Nexus Notes team that launched the business in the US

What you need

  • Hustle – Nexus Notes is a lean start-up. You are an outgoing, well-connected person who is highly effective at communicating and selling. You are excited to help build something you can be proud of.
  • Problem solving – Hurdles to success are inevitable. You will possess the lateral thinking required to continually engage and grow a business. You will always challenge the way things are done both inside and outside our business.
  • Creativity – Our target market, students, demands creative, relevant and clever engagement regularly. You will be able to create exceptional content and deliver effective marketing strategies.
  • Leadership and responsibility – We are an online business made up of a network of part-time workers. You will have clearly defined goals and access to tools and support to assist you in achieving those goals, but must be able to execute on your own. You are a self-starter, can grasp concepts quickly, and are able to communicate and work well in an uncertain environment.

These are early days. Come join us. Please email with your CV and a brief description on why you think you’d be great for the job!