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Nexus Notes is changing the way students learn. By seamlessly connecting leading note-takers with current students through our online marketplace, we’re facilitating learning like never before.

We’re a disruptive startup, allowing leading students to earn money for their hard work, while providing the masses with high quality, super relevant study materials within a few clicks.

We pride ourselves on the amazing team we are growing, providing our users with the best experience in the education industry, making us Australia’s #1 marketplace for student notes.

Want to be a part of the action? We’re looking for people who are action-orientated and driven by an unquenchable thirst for results. Enquire about the following positions on our team right now!

New South Wales

Student Promoter – UNSW


Student Promoter – UQ
Student Promoter – QUT

South Australia

Student Promoter – UniSA
Student Promoter – Flinders University

New Zealand

Student Promoter – Auckland University


Intern – University of Texas (Austin)