Each bounty is only payable once. As soon as we get notes for a certain course, that bounty is filled. You'll still be able to upload and sell notes for this subject, however the bounty is only claimable on the first approved set. This means is that you need to move fast - other bounty hunters might also be trying to track down the same set of notes.

Bounty List

Course Code Course Name University Expiry Date Bounty
Biol 108 Human Biology Macquarie 20/5/2015 $10
AVBS3001 Agents of Diseases University of Sydney 21/5/2015 $10
EXEC71-021 Strategic Tools and leadership Bond University 23/5/2015 $10
LAW1111 Contract Law Edith Cowan University 20/5/2015 $10
H315 Food and nutrition Deakin University 20/5/2015 $10
LAW1501 Foundations of Law University of Adelaide 20/4/2015 $20
PSY247 Perception 1 Macquarie University 20/5/2015 $10
153599 Construction Management Curtin University of technology 20/4/2015 $10
PHTY201 Physiotherapy Pathophysiology Australian Catholic University 20/5/2015 $10
Gdtl Graduate diploma of teaching and learning Charles Darwin University 20/5/2015 $10

How To

  1. Check which courses offer a bounty from the list above.
  2. Using your networks, hunt down a great set of notes for one of these courses.
  3. If the author hasn't registered already, get them to do so and then upload the notes. Alternatively, upload them yourself with the author's permission.
  4. If the author is uploading the notes themselves, flick us a quick email to let us know you tracked the notes down. Once approved, you'll receive your bounty payment via your PayPal email address.
Course Code

Make sure you enter the course code when uploading the bounty notes.

Start Uploading


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