Upload your notes and help raise money for your Sorority’s Philanthropy

Hi Longhorns,

Nexus Notes is donating $5 to the charity of your Sorority’s choice for every set of notes that you contribute to their site. In addition to this donation, you will earn a $17.50 commission every time a set of your notes sell. That’s right, $17.50 every time your notes are downloaded.


Want to get involved? Here’s how it works:

1. Each Sorority has been issued with a unique promo code (they are listed at the bottom of this blog). You can create an account here using your sorority’s promo code.

2. Contribute as many sets of notes as you can. It’s a simple process and only takes about 30 seconds for each set of notes. Please read this blog post first so that you understand what we mean when we refer to notes – it will probably also answer a lot of questions that you might have!

Basically, the notes can be for ANY subject that you have completed, provided that they are typed up into a single document and cover the majority of the course. For example, if you have attended 13 lectures we can’t accept 13 separate word documents – please combine them into one before uploading!

The hard work of authoring the notes has already been done, why not put them to use rather than letting them gather dust on your hard drive.

3. At the end the month we will pay out all of the donations giving a special shout out to the sorority who has raised the most money for their charity. Get involved for a great cause and create yourself a passive income stream.

4. If you have any questions or simply just want to chat, send an email to Xavier – he’s very helpful and he needs more friends in Austin! His email is xavier@nexusnotes.com –  he’s got this covered and will be able to field any questions that you may have.

What happens next:

Just sit back and relax, knowing that you’ve raised some money for your sorority’s charity and that your notes are going to start earning you some great passive income.

Remember, finals are right around the corner, so don’t miss out on this opportunity. Upload your notes this week and help raise a lot of money for a great cause.

Please find your Sorority’s unique code below:

Alpha Epsilon Phi: texasaephi
Pi Beta Phi: texasphiphi
Alpha Chi Omega: texasachio
Delta Delta Delta: texastridelt
Sigma Delta Tau: texassigdelt
Kappa Alpha Theta: texastheta 
Chi Omega: texaschiomega

Don’t forget to use this promo code when you create your account.

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