Share the love with Give10Get10: Refer friends to Nexus and you’ll both get $10

Hi everyone,

We love having each and every one of you all on our site, but we also want to meet your friends that have great notes and grow our community. That’s why we are launching Give10Get10, which gives you and your friends $10 cash for every person you refer to us that uploads notes to our site.

In a nutshell: refer friends for cash.

Your user name is also a promo code that can be shared with your friends. Once they create an account and upload we’ll give you both $10.

We highly recommend that your friends read this post first to see what sort of notes we are after.

‘Solid bank’???


  1. If you don’t already have one, create a Nexus Notes account.
  2. As part of the registration process, you will need to choose a username. This username will also be your unique promo code. (If you already have an account, you use your existing username).promo cyde
  3. Share this code with any friends that you think have great notes.
  4. They then create their own account using the promo code you provided and upload at least one set of notes.
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5. Once the notes are approved, we’ll give your friend $10 and you’ll get $10 as well.


Help out your fellow students who are struggling


Whats the catch?

There’s no catch. We want more notes, and we want to give you and your friends money for helping us out.

Why would my friends do this, what’s in it for them?

Well for starters, $10. Then they are also going to start earning commissions everytime their notes sell, which will provide a nice income stream whilst they are at university. For students who are battling financially or need some extra income, this can be a great help.

How do you pay the monies?

Like our commissions, any money made on referrals will be paid monthly by PayPal email in your native currency. You can read more about this process here.

Can I refer other people without uploading notes of my own?

Yes. Whilst we encourage you to upload any great notes that you may have, this is not required for the deal. We are just looking for the best note takers, and we want you to refer them.

Can I refer as many people as I want?

Yes. We want to take over the world, and to do that we need to grow our community. As such there is no limit on the number of people that you can refer to us.

What if I already have an account, can I still refer my friends?

Yes. Your user name can now also be used as a promo code.

Do I still get paid if my friend uploads notes but they aren’t approved?

No. For you both to receive the $10, the notes need to be approved. This shouldn’t be an issue if you are referring friends with great notes and if you’ve read this post explaining what notes we like.

As always, any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Cheers from the Nexus Notes team

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