Free In-N-Out Burger when you contribute notes

Students of UC Berkeley,

We’ve heard through the grapevine that you all love In-N-Out-Burger and that they’re the best hunger fix in Cali.

So we’ve decided to shout you a FREE burger. We’re giving away free In-N-Out gift cards worth $10 each to anyone who creates an account with Nexus Notes and uploads their first set of notes, it really couldn’t be easier!


Step 1. Create an account here, using the promo code “caliburger”

Step 2. Contribute at least one set of awesome quality notes.

Step 3. Once your notes are approved, we send you an In-N-Out gift voucher for $10 .

Then simply, sit back while your notes earn you $17.50 every time they sell. Take your voucher to the nearest store and enjoy the best burger in California!


Please enjoy the free food and as always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries.

Happy munching from the Nexus Notes Team

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