Get the inside scoop with Student Course Review

Choosing the right subject can be tough and the consequences of getting it wrong are severe. Getting stuck in a boring subject with an unwanted lecturer is like being assigned the chair next to your strange Uncle that you only ever see at Christmas; you both feel obligated to make small talk and so you go through the motions but in reality it’s extremely awkward and neither of you really want to be there. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Student Course Review to make sure you get the low down before you take the plunge.

Their crack team have reviews for heaps of subjects across Australia and New Zealand, so before you re-enrol, do your research; see what the reviews are like and then check if we have a kick-ass set of notes to see you through to exams.

At Nexus Notes we follow the Lance Armstrong philosophy of “always push the boundaries”. By applying this towards our tech and our partnerships, we ensure that our user experience is always getting better, faster and always wins a yellow jersey – and we believe that this partnership is as helpful as afresh batch of tainted blood samples. So whenever you’re downloading an amazing set of notes or you’re an uploader just drowning in cash, help us to help you by leaving a review of your subjects here.scr-logo-large-original

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