It’s our shout: free coffee for new Longhorns

Hey Longhorns,

You’re all students, and students get sleepy. Too much work, too much play and never enough sleep may be lots of fun, but it leaves you all exhausted. Sure, you can always work or play less, but then you wouldn’t be getting the authentic UT Austin experience. Coffee is the answer.

As a result we’ve decided to shout you some coffees and take care of your caffeine needs. We’re giving away free Starbucks to anyone who creates an account with Nexus Notes and uploads their first set of notes, it really couldn’t be easier!

If you’re wondering about the sort of notes we are looking for, please have a quick read of this first to avoid disappointment.

coffee teddy

For those mornings when you need every last drop


Step 1. Create an account through our website, using the promo code “COFFEE”

Step 2. Upload at least one set of awesome quality notes.

Step 3. Once your notes are approved, we send you a Starbucks gift voucher for $15 .

Step 4. Take your voucher to Starbucks at 24 & Guadalupe Street (or any other location) and give yourself a pick-me up.

Step 5. Enjoy the caffeine buzz! (While it lasts)


Guaranteed to keep you up all night like the Batman

But what if I’m already a Nexus Notes user and I want coffee? Why not let a friend know about this great deal and then drag them down to Starbucks and get them to get the first round of coffees with their $15 gift card!

Please enjoy your Starbucks and as always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries.

Happy not-sleeping from the Nexus Notes Team

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