Are you a law student looking for a job? Start your search with Beyond Law

Nexicans, are you a law student who is looking for a job? Whether you’re looking to plunge whiskers first into the rat race or cautiously dip your toes into the employment market, make Beyond Law your first point of call. It was created and is run by our good friends Max and Anthony, two absolute gurus who are the brains behind this awesome service.

max anthony

Max Burke & Anthony Lieu, the lads behind Beyond Law

Beyond Law is a job-search and resources website for Australian law students and graduates (that’s you!) Hopefully you’ve already aced your exams with Nexus, but now the real hard work begins trying to nail down that first job. They have a great Australian law job board with new opportunities being posted daily, giving you access to a broad database of jobs in law, both nationally and internationally.


Their Job Hub is extensive, ranging from international internships such as the United Nations to highflying gigs such as research internships at the Federal Court. I couldn’t spot a listing for In-house Counsel at Nexus Notes but hopefully it’s only a matter of time. Our favourite thing about Beyond Law is that they completely get that a career in law is no longer a one-size-fits-all model, and that once you have your degree, career options paths vary wildly. At the end of the day, we all want something a little different. There are many options you may not have considered with your law degree, such as management consulting, non-profit organisations and research associateships – it’s not a big commercial firm or nothing at all.

It’s a sad fact that due to the large number of graduates, landing a law job is now more competitive than ever. On this front Beyond Law also have great free job resources including cover letter templates and clerkship interview tips – super handy for any job candidate who’s looking to stand out from the pack. Again, it’s completely FREE!

For those of you that are in red-hot job-seeking mode, you should definitely register as a BL member (also FREE) – this means you can see the whole list of jobs available, plus you receive priority notifications for the type of jobs you’re searching for. The game changer is the option to upload (some of you have already had practice with this) your resume, allowing employers to contact you directly, sparing you the torturous process of searching for them. Set your parameters and watch those “Letters of Interest” flutter into your inbox – from our chat with Max & Anthony they place a lot of grads through this service, so add your name to that growing list!

bl website

Their website is the 2nd most beautiful we’ve ever seen

So if you’re closing that wonderful chapter of your life that is being a university student and have decided it’s time to start earning a salary in addition to your monthly Nexus commissions, jump onto Beyond Law’s beautiful website and find your dream job today. You can also connect on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

As always Nexicans, any queries don’t be afraid to leave a question or comment below, or better still contact the Beyond Law team directly.

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