Getting over the uncertainty of January with the help of some former PMs

By our sporadic yet faithful writer, Charlie Gibbings.

For many students, January is a time of uncertainty. Stress may becomes your constant companion, insecurities run rife, and if you’re not off on an amazing #holiday then boredom reaches biblical proportions. Far from being content with your New Year’s resolutions, you often are filled with despair regarding the unknown and just what 2015 might hold for you.

If you happen to be one of those students currently questioning your future, fear not! Here are some fun facts about the trials, tribulations and early careers of the leaders of this great nation of ours, before they entered politics.

John Curtin (1941-1945):


Spent time in prison for failing to attend mandatory medical evaluations during World War 1.

Harold Holt (1966-1977):


Dated a woman named Viola Thring, before she dumped him, and married his father. Also got lost at the beach.

John Gorton (1968-1971)

john gorton

Was in 3 plane crashes as a pilot during World War II, including one which left him with such severe facial injuries that the crew sent to retrieve him left him for dead.

Gough (Actually named ‘Edward’) Whitlam (1972-1975):

gough whit

Attended Chatswood Church of England Girls School as a child.

Bob Hawke (1983-1991):

Bob Hawke

Set a new World Record for drinking, after sculling 1.4 litres of beer in 11 seconds.

Paul Keating (1991-1996):

paul keating

Dropped out of school at 15.

Managed rock band “The Ramrods” in his twenties.

Kevin Rudd (2007-2010, June-September 2013):


Used to scrub the floors and clean the house of political reporter Laurie Oakes

Tony Abbott (2013-Present):

Tony Abbott wears a rainbow hair net as part of an organ donation campaign.

When Abbott was 19, his girlfriend became pregnant and claimed Abbott was the biological father. The couple did not marry and put the child up for adoption. For 27 years, Abbott believed that he fathered this child until recent DNA testing proved otherwise.

Despite ending up as politicians and with the unfortunate case of Harold it could be argued they all turned out more or less normal. So start pumping yourself up for 2015 and what the future may hold!

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