Getting notes approved: Tips from an insider (Updated 6/1/2015)

Hi Nexicans, it’s Richo here.

One of the many fun things I do at Nexus is oversee all content approvals by our team, meaning that the buck stops with me. Overall, the quality of uploads meets our very high standards on most occasions, however, for a number of reasons we often have to reject content.

I’m here to shine a bit of light on how the process works and drop some KNOWLEDGE on why we reject uploads for various reasons. If you keep this in mind when uploading it will go a long way to ensuring that your notes can be approved for sale and you can start earning CA$H in no time.

Notes uploaded on to the site can be rejected for any of the following reasons:

• The notes contain material subject to copyright.

This is the big one, and I reckon it probably accounts for >80% of rejected uploads. I’m talking about IMAGES, people. If you’ve cropped it from a textbook, or taken screen shots of some lecture slides, then that is a deal-breaker. It’s so disappointing when I review an amazing set of notes and then, nestled within 60-odd pages of pure Columbian-grade study gold is a couple of pesky USYD lecture slides, or a diagram with a “Fig 13.2” that has clearly come from an overpriced pestbook.

I have included some choice examples below:

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 12.03.41 pm

Naughty lecture slides

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 12.03.04 pm

Naughty ‘Fig’ picture

Please, please, please check that your notes don’t infringe copyright and remove any images that clearly do.

• The notes are actually an assignment, take-home exam, practical or other university-assessed piece of work.

This one is fairly standard, we only sell NOTES! Anything that you can slap your name on and hand up as your own work is likely to fall under this category. This also includes essays, research projects, theses, etc. Nexus Notes is all for creating exceptional study materials to facilitate learning, but we loathe plagiarism. So if it ain’t notes, it ain’t getting approved. 

• Notes are not well-enough formatted or do not represent good value.

The only reason we have a business is because our downloaders trust us to approve only the highest quality content, and this gives us the confidence to offer our legendary 100% money-back guarantee. That’s not a hollow offer, it’s bona fide LEGIT, because we sell the best, and only the best. So make sure your notes look the part before uploading. Empty pages, inconsistent sizing, incorrect page numbers in the contents, this is all SLOPPY. You’re better than that, and so are we.

Secondly, don’t get greedy. Perhaps your notes are so amazingly comprehensive that you have 6 sections of 50 pages each. If you upload these sections individually, they’re unlikely to get approved – notes should be for the whole of the course, not for individual lecture. You want your notes to stand out so that they sell often, forcing downloaders to buy notes in separate sections has the opposite effect. 

You didn’t receive good enough grades for this subject,

We set our standards at either a High Distinction or a Distinction – if you’ve topped the class or won a subject prize, even better. We are a trusting bunch, so if you don’t provide a proof of grade we will hold you to your word if you have epic notes – most great note-takers don’t receive Fail and Pass marks! But, including your proof of grade is so easy and gives your notes PRESTIGE.

 • The notes already exist on the site for sale by another user.

This is NAUGHTY. Very, very naughty, and thankfully is not something we have had to deal with more than once or twice. Please don’t pretend someone else’s notes are your own, it’s just such poor form, and more than that, it’s plagiarism. If you ever suspect someone has uploaded your notes, don’t hesitate to get in touch – it goes against everything we stand for. 

• The notes contain obscene language or imagery.

ERRGHMEGERD! Just don’t. This is Nexus Notes, not 4chan – leave your filth at the door please.

So if you keep these tips in mind when creating and uploading your content it will massively boost the chance of it being approved for sale.  As with everything on our site, please get in touch if you have any queries on the above or need clarification. Whilst my name’s not Kevin, and I’m not from Queensland; I am here to help!

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