Welcome to Nexus Notes 3.0


From left to right: Hugh Minson (Nexus Notes), Blake Mills (Made Together), Dan Sammut (Made Together), and Thom Vincent (Do A Backflip)

Nexus Notes is incredibly excited to welcome you to the newly designed, beautifully re-branded and wonderfully functional site, Nexus Notes 3.0. The site has been designed & branded by Dan Sammut & Blake Mills from Made Together and developed by Thom Vincent from Do A Backflip.

The new logo came from the idea that our site is the focal point for two types of people – those with notes to sell and those looking for notes to buy. This also ties in with the true meaning of the word, Nexus, which is a connection linking two or more things. The blue and green triangles, representing the uploader and downloader community respectively, are meeting in the ‘X’, that is Nexus Notes. These colour associations are seen throughout the rest of site.

Nexus Notes

The new Nexus Notes logo

The new site also boasts a responsive design. This means that users can easily search and buy notes from their smartphone or tablet device just as they would on their desktop. The notes are available for download immediately after purchase through the site and a download link is sent to users via email.

Nexus Notes on devices

Nexus Notes across many devices

Users should also know that our site is governed by new and improved terms and privacy policies thanks to the team at King & Wood Mallesons.

The entire site now reflects the company’s strong commitment to provide university students with a cost-effective and efficient marketplace to buy and sell high quality notes.

Here are a few other improvements we like:

For uploaders:

  • Craft your own profile starting with your username and profile picture;
  • Enjoy the vastly improved uploader dashboard;
  • Upload notes faster, and get behind our new partner AIME by donating your earnings to support their cause;
  • No need to ‘request’ earnings be paid out anymore. This now happens automatically each month through PayPal.

For downloaders:

  • Enjoy the vastly improved search functionality. Type in the name of the subject and then make use of the filters;
  • No need to be logged in anymore to buy notes;
  • Buy notes securely with your credit card thanks to Braintree;
  • Score 10 per cent off purchases simply by tweeting or Facebook liking desired notes;
  • Receive discounts by using unique promo codes before checkout;
  • Rate notes out of five stars and leave a review for others.


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