Important information regarding changes to our site

Hi Nexicans, As we may have mentioned, 2015 is a big year for us and changes are happening rapidly. Most excitingly, we are expanding into the US market this month, which is a massive deal for us. Whilst our commitment to Australia and New Zealand remains as strong as ever, there are a couple of… Read more »

Getting over the uncertainty of January with the help of some former PMs

By our sporadic yet faithful writer, Charlie Gibbings. For many students, January is a time of uncertainty. Stress may becomes your constant companion, insecurities run rife, and if you’re not off on an amazing #holiday then boredom reaches biblical proportions. Far from being content with your New Year’s resolutions, you often are filled with despair… Read more »

Mythbusters: Debunking the myths and misinformation surrounding Nexus Notes

Here at Nexus Notes, our ship is run so tightly that it would make Jessica Watson blush. However, whenever we are out and about chatting to the people we are always hit with the same type of questions; namely – “Is this legal?”, “Why would anyone want our notes?”, and occasionally, “Why won’t Hugh stop… Read more »