We know that the best students make great teachers

At Nexus Notes, we know that the best students make great teachers. We pioneered the trade of peer-to-peer educational materials and we strongly believe that the most efficient way to learn is by stepping in the footprints of those who have learned before you.

From our humble beginnings in Adelaide, we now connect students from universities across Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

We started with notes, and are now expanding into other areas where top students can continue to use their education as a valuable resource to help other students learn.

Unlocking this value produces great outcomes for all of our users; authors create lucrative income streams and students gain access to high-quality content that they learn from to improve their grades.

Our Team

Hugh Minson
Hugh Minson Co-Founder & CEO
Richard Hordern-Gibbings
Richard Hordern-Gibbings Co-Founder & COO
Xavier Collins
Xavier Collins Co-Founder & Business Development Manager
Dean McEvoy
Dean McEvoy Advisory Board Member
David Jones
David Jones Advisory Board Member
Mick Liubinskas
Mick Liubinskas Advisory Board Member
David Kenney
David Kenney Advisory Board Member
David Kowalski
David Kowalski Advisory Board Member
Sam Jaffe
Sam Jaffe New Zealand Community Manager
Jess Alizzi
Jess Alizzi Deakin University Student Brand Manager
Andrew Peters
Andrew Peters Sydney University Promoter
Katarina Subic
Katarina Subic Monash University Promoter
Andrew McNaught
Andrew McNaught Bond University Promoter


Charlie Gibbings
Charlie Gibbings Adelaide University Promoter & Writer
Michelle Haworth
Michelle Haworth University of Melbourne Promoter
Michael Jeffries
Michael Jeffries University of the Sunshine Coast Promoter